John Atkins, Lee Kenyon Mal Dann Ross Hollis

Geoff and Trish Connelly

OK the photo of us sitting at the table,clockwise from: Popeye,Ross Hollis,Jimbo,Steve Cottam,Lyle Clinton,Mark Lubke standing,John Atkins,Ralph Loeding,Wayne Sands,Doc Watson...

Popeye Geoff Connelly Swampy Marsh Jimmy Mac Ross Hollis back (I think)
Jimmy Mac and Swampy Marsh
Jimmy Mac in 71 and some old bloke
Spike Jones at Tindal.... yes the Air Force one...he can he is the one with the tag on his pocket...
Midge Mancini and Lee Kenyon not that we needed to tell you, we haven't changed a bit
Terry Warwick  Geoff Connelly Jimmy Mac Ray Cooper Max Kean and  Popeye Parkes, sadly I didnt know about the reunion and missed it...
Midge and MV Last Resort in Mooloolabah
Jack Lindley and Shags O'Shannessy 
Lee and Judy at a Merc do..
Ralph Loeding,Ray Cooper,Graham Watson,John Atkins,Ross Hollis,PJ Williams, Phil (Stretch) Stewart,Malcolm Marsh,Lee Kenyon,John Turnwald,Max Keen,Bob Parks(behind Max),Terry Warwick (behind Bob) Mark Lubker,Mal Dann,Geoff Connelly,Terry Shorrock hiding behind Geoff  Wayne Sands,Mac McDougall, Peter Willson ,Lyle Clinton,Jim McCullagh,Michael Sanderson-Green(Sandy).
Mal Marsh and Midge Boxing day 06
Midge Lee and Mal 28/12/06
  Dave Fletcher VALE
Spike Jones Jimmy Mac Jon Jankowski Wayne Campbell Midge John Lewis Timber Mills Ken Spruce Mal Dann
Jimmy Mac John Lewis Timber Mills
Mal Dann on the  Last Resort
John and Carol Jankowski
Spike getting a surprise after 36 yrs
Timber Lee Mal Jimmy Greg Midge Jon Swampy Spike
Spike and Shaggs
Mal looking for his old bunk on the Swan
Jimmy Mac and Ken Spruce
Shaggs Jimmy and Sue
Lee Spike and Ken
The Saturday Night BBQ GC Mini Reunion 07
Shaggs JImmy Mac and Sue
Greg Stanfield and Judy Kenyon
Cath and Jimmy Mac
Jimmy Shaggs and Spike
Mal Kenny Jimmy Spruce and Kelly Jones
Monkey McCullough
Timber Mal Lee and Jimmy Mac
Timber Lee Mal Jimmy Greg Midge Jan Mal Dave
Wayne Campbell and Timber Mills
HMAS Leeuwin 71
Jimmy Spruce at the Gc Mini
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Chris Leonard  and Jimmy McCullagh
Shaggs James and Pauline in Tamworth 07
Mum Vinneir in Tamworth 07
Shaggs and Midge with Mum Vinneir
Swabby and Midge on the Last Resort June 07
Shaggs O'Shannessy Phil Williams and Mousie Clinton at the Souths Penrith game
Midge and Wayne at the Marina Quays Nirimba 72 intake reunion
Midge and Doc Watson
Stephen (Porky) O'Rourke and wife Jill from 35th Stevo
Midge and Jimmy Mac 15/9/07
Lizzy Alex and Jimmy Mac 16/9/07 at Marina Quays
Alex and Jimmy Mac
Bungy  Shaggsy Mousie and Harry
Bungy Mrs Shaggs Shaggsy Harry's arm Mousie
Mrs Shaggs Shaggsy Harry Bungy Karen and Mousie
Susie Di and Wayne Hosier at Lees 30/9/07
Wayne Midge and Lee Watching the Grand Final
Sambewang 2007