HMAS Leeuwin 71
This page was last updated: January 2, 2014
2013 Reunion held at the Gold Coast
1st 2nd 3rd March
Broadwater Tourist Park Southport RSL and Southport Yacht Club

Held in conjunction with the 38th intake of Marks and Morrow
Our guest of honour Guy Hunter
Guy Mousie and Mal getting the Last Resort piccy
Jim Gripton and Paul Purtle
Phil Jackson and Bungy Williams
Mousie and Chris Davis
Curly Edwards Jim Gripton and Greg Dryden
John Atkins enjoying his newfound retirement
Party Central cabin 317 at Broadwater
Doc Watson and Geoff Connelly
Steve Cottam Susie and the girls with Guy having a nanny nap
Swabby Willson and Terry Shorrock
Jon Jankowski and the guys onboard MV Lady
38th M&M's on MV Lady and Jacko
38th M&M's with Terry Crane in front
Peter and Jane Douglas Mal after swallowing the canary
Midge Guy and Mal
Chris Davis and Moose MIllington
Chris Guy and Mal
Mal Susie Kerry Dryden Geoff and Patty Connelly alright Trish Connelly
Greg and Kerry Dryden
Charmaine and Curly Edwards
Doc and Kate Watson
Onboard MV Lady combined group shot 34/38th
Mouse and Lee
Susie with Rhonda Willson Lee and Judy Kenyon
Lee and Judy Kenyon  Geoff Mouse and Lee
Phil and Sue Jackson
Table shots at Southport RSL dinner
Graeme Higgs
Steve Lyons
Mick and Dell Mullice
Mick Mullice and Midge
Dessert table
Snapper Snape Jeff Clark John Atkins Mick Mullice and Greg Dryden
Guy tucking into his dessert
38th Guys
Terry and Sally Crane
38th Guys
38th Guys
Carol Jankowski Higgsy Steve Lyons and Jon
38th guys with Peter and Jane Douglas on right
38th guys with their wives
38th guys
Jim Sue Jacko and Mal
Guy Hunter at Southport Yacht Club
Ordering at Southport Yacht Club
38th guys at Southport Yacht Club
Susie with Jane and Peter Douglas
Guys Fish and Chips
Phil and Nerida Williams onboard MV Last Resort
Greg and Kerry Dryden Phil and Sue Jackson Curly and Charmaine Edwards and Doc and Kate Watson lunching at Currumbin RSL
Jim Gripton Mal Dann and Mousie Clinton onboard MV Lady
Jim Gripton Steve Cottam and Mal Dann
Chris Davis someone pretending they are not a geek Moose Millington and Guy Hunter