HMAS Leeuwin 71
This page was last updated: April 12, 2012
Werner Augsdorfer
Wayne and Susan Campbell
Peter Fennell
Jimmy Mac
Al and Maz Hope
Gary and Deb Chaplin
Denis and Steve Hilson
Frank Millen
Harry Firth and Family
Jeff Thompson
John Barton
John Turnwald
Mal McGregor and friends
John Atkins with wife Loretta and daughters Rowena and Bethany

Mal and Nova Dann aboard Last Resort
Peter and Judy Burnett
Mals 1st Grandson Alex Peter
Guess who lobbed at Jimmy Mac's none other than Tommy Maunder who we now have an email address for would you believe!!!!!
Mal with the Spanish Mackeral he donated to a shark
Al Freebody's holiday home in Idaho USA you are welcome to it Al
Gary and Kerry Davies (two of our current grey nomads) at the Bay of Fires in Tasmania
Phil Williams with his daughter Bec at her graduation congratulations...
Frank Middleton with a nice fish caught off Mauritius....
These are two photos of the wharf we are on looking back at the land. As you can see the water is higher than the King tide mark... first and hopefully the last time I see this
LCDR Terry Bird at a charity event in Qld
HMAS Diamantina floating again in the drydock after the Brisbane flood Jan 2011
Frank Millen at the MCG watching the poms flog us
Mike and Brenda Summers
Ray and Trish Eldridge
Steve Cottam and his son Troy
Jimmy Mac fit and rubbing it in......
HMAS Adelaide underwater shot
Shaggs and Bungy on Anzac Day
Just a little reminder that some of us weren't so lucky this is Wayne Georges business in Chinchilla during the floods
This is a story about Shaggs neighbours he is the one on the right.....
GPV at Leeuwin
Mousie Sue and Phil
Lee and Rocket Reeves bikes and Rocket.....
Mark Smale with a Pizza
Sooty Reid having a nana nap