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This page was last updated: August 14, 2019
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Diesel now recognised as carcinogenic.. Stokers in particular better read this
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T A Adams       VALE
TJ Andrews     Found us via Glen T... 10/2/08
RJ Bailey
D Baker             Doug
Peter Bennet   Found by Jeff Clark 12/12/10
RA Bertram       Robert
LP Bould           Les
SL Budd            Steve  Found by Midge 17/11/07
KB Burke         Found 21/9/07 by Phil J     
MJW Burnside    Mal   Vale             WA
JR Clark            Found us 12/12/10    
JW Cooper         John
LR Cousins         Leon?
UL Dahl             Found
AL Davies          (Lin)
GI Davies          Gary found us 12/12/08 in Adelaide
C Davis            Found
CN Derry          Found us 24/2/2015
GJ Dryden       Gregory  Found us 21/5/09
AW Edwards   Curly found us 11/6/09
D Edwards
RR Eldridge     Found Jan 2010 
MR Elliott
T Ernst              Trevor
PJ Fennell       Found by Midge 2010                            
SF Fisher        Found Jan 2010
MR Fowler         Mark  Found us 31/1/13             
AP Freebody     Alan Found by Shaggs in USA July 
Wayne George  Found Jan 2010
CJ George  (Divvy)  Colin             WA
TJ Gibson        Trevor Found by Chris Davis 9/3/11
WA Godenzie (Divvy)
E Goode              Eric
B Gordon-Smith
SA Green          Found us 7/5/18
JA Gripton        Found us  26/1/10
CI Grove          Found 20/9/07 by Dog Baker
AM Henry         VALE
DA Henry          David                    Vic
G Hilbrink                                      Qld
JW Holbrook                                  Qld
IW Holmes
SJ Hopkins        Found us June 2009 lost again
GM Hunter        VALE
T Jefferson       Terry found us 16/8/14
BG Jensen       Bernie Found by Midge 27/9/07
GJ Jewell         Gavin   Found by Midge 27/09/07
R Kehl               Rod found by John Barton
HCB Knight      VALE
CJ Lunardi         VALE
S Lyons               Steve     found us 14/11/07
DW MacLeod
TM Manders        Found
BJ McElroy         Bruce or Brian?           SA
GS McKenzie
RA McLeod        Robert                         WA
RJ McMahon      Found us 3/9/09
FE Middleton      Found
JP Milward         John
BV Mitchell         VALE                         WA        
RD Mitchell  Found us Nov 2015
Steve Moffatt  Found us 4/11/08
LR Moore
FB Moran           Found 2019
MW Nicoll          Michael             NSW
S Osland            Steve
JG Ots       Found 20/09/07 by Dog Baker               SJ Oughton        Steve   
GW O'Mahoney
DT Paterson
MC Patrick           Found us 3/9/09
SP Paull             Found us 16/10/2012
Y Peltier              Yannick
PR Purtle             Paul  Found us 21/2/08
AE Purves            Allan                   Vic
KJ Reid                Found by Jacko June 2011
N Reeve  (Divvy)  Norman VALE
SG Roberts          Steve
H Ross
WK Rowlands      (Keith)
GR Sanderson  Found Feb 08
RW Sands          Found Feb 08
JJ Saunders   (Divvy)    John         Tas
RD Saunders
JE Schwalbach    Found by Midge 7/3/13
B  Shaddock         Brian
BJ Sheridan
SC Sinfield
RS Smith
MW Snape     Found by Jeff Clark 12/12/10
P Sutherland         Peter
DA Sutton              Found 2015 
D Summers       Found by Doc Watson 27/5/08
IB Williams
SN Wilson

Name           First Name         State of Origin
Name                First Name             State of Origin

Midge with any information you can remember on any of the above missing troops I am going to go all out to find them for the REUNION

[email protected]

email me
The above link is to a discussion paper I just received on the use of dangerous chemicals during our time in Pussers.  It is a must read...I have also posted the pdf file listing the chemicals we used. 
Toxic Chemical Info for everyone to read.... Most important..... 
A big welcome to our most recent find Rod Mitchell living in Brisbane he found us by googling Marks and Morrow he is still in the Army.  I will be adding his story to the My Story page when I receive the photos.
On a sadder note we were recently advised that Henry Knight from Marks 2 passed away in the mid 80s of a heart attack he was only 32.  I have made an entry on the VALE page.
Another 34ther has found us a big welcome to Terry Jefferson who was in Lees donga he went on to Topman and lives in Melbourne.  We hope to see him at next years reunion.
I received an email from someone claiming to be one of Owen Murrells school mates.  He said Owen is still alive and living in Cowra.  We cant confirm this so far and have not had a reply to emails to him.  We will keep you informed and would appreciate any help from anyone in the Cowra area who may know of somewhere disabled people might live under care.
If you were a member of the 34th intake for any length of time whatsoever and are on the missing list below and you stumble on this site please contact Midge Mancini at [email protected] with your email and phone number
The 2019 reunion page has been completed after much drama thanks to changes to the website editor not working very well.   A great event organised beautifully by Steve and Mariette Cottam view by clicking the link above
Got a message from Rob Nicholls who is Geoff Nicholls brother he is going to let him know about the website.  He lives in WA
Received an email from Stephen Green who stumbled on the website yesterday big welcome Greenbottle from Marks 2.   I have sent the database to Stephen.
I Have created the page for the 2020 50th Marks and Morrow reunion which will be held during the all JR 60th reunion commencing on Thursday 9th July and concluding with the all JR formal ball on Monday 13th July 2020.  It has been pointed out that our actual 50th is on the 6th Jan 2021 but as accommodation and expenses are affected by the Christmas period this was too good an opportunity to pass up.  The 50th all JR reunion held in 2010 was an amazing experience and one I am eternally grateful for attending.  Not only for the chance to meet up with our own intake but also the chance to meet up with sailors you served in the fleet with.  It was brilliantly organised and I have no doubt this one will also be something to remember.  As you all know by now HMAS Leeuwin is about to be demolished and turned into a housing estate we will be the last official tour of the old base before it becomes a memory another great reason to make all efforts to attend.  All the details you need are on the page accessed via the navigation panel above, see you there.........