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The reunion is being organized by Steve Cottam who can be contacted via his Facebook Page
The 48th year reunion is to be held In Townsville NQ on a weekend to be advised by the end of September, we have had to change the date due to the Townsville show and school holidays in June my apologies guys I stuffed up
The headquarters of the Reunion will be
 Rowes Bay Accommodation park
 this is their website for bookings

  Firstly, could you please post this on our 34th Web Site and our Facebook page so all will know what's going on with our 48th Reunion at Townsville on the weekend of 28th - 30th June 2019. These remain the planned dates.

  "War & Peace Part 4"


  Well guys, I have changed some of my plans for our reunion because of the 17 million dollar damage bill to the Townsville RSL, from the weather event in early February that destroyed thousands of homes up here. We are opening the top floor of the Townsville RSL next week, for ANZAC Day, but the bottom floor will be closed indefinitely as we fight the Insurance Companies that won't pay out on Flood Vrs Water damage. Will explain everything when you're all up here.


  The "Meet & Greet" on Friday afternoon/evening will now be at the Seaview Hotel, 56 The Strand, in Townsville, in the "Loft Bar" (top floor) overlooking the Coral Sea and Magnetic Island. I have secured this function centre for the night and have arranged plenty of Platters of food to be disbursed over the evening with music from the 70's and 80's. I have arranged some sponsorship which should cover a bar tab for a couple of hours and then it's over to everyone paying for their drinks from then on. The Loft has a fabulous veranda and the weather should be outstanding at that time of the year, to enjoy the view.


  On the Saturday morning (29th June), if the RSL has purchased a new bus to replace the one that floated away, all existing plans remain current or I will talk about that the evening prior. I have arranged entry into "The Billabong Sanctuary" for all of us at a reduced price of $30.00 which gives us our own private Ranger which will allow us to cuddle and squeeze baby crocodiles, lizards, eagles/birds of prey, snakes, etc... before and after a tour to see all the inhabitants of the sanctuary and the feeding of the giant (over 4 metre) crocs.


  On the Saturday evening, I have booked the CBAR Restaurant on the Strand for our Official Dinner. This Restaurant projects out into the Coral Sea and you will have water all around you as you eat and be merry. More on that in the next email.


  Sunday morning about 1000, we are all off on an adventure tour for about 5 hours or so, into the Coral Sea and sailing around Magnetic Island. This will cost $40.00 ahead, but includes food, drinks, fishing and swimming/snorkelling during the day trip. Captain Ross Grennan is a friend of mine and has offered a reduced price for the day. All you will need is a towel (and snorkel/flippers if you want them) if you're going swimming as the rest is supplied. As some people attending this reunion are still at work and have arranged flights out of Townsville on Sunday afternoon/evening, I understand that our numbers could be reduced, so I need to know the numbers that are coming on this boat cruise for catering purposes with food and drinks. If you intend to come on this boat cruise for a day out on the Coral Sea and Maggie Island, then I will need some money up front as I don't want to be left with a thousand dollar cost if people change their minds. I'm sorry about that, but I have chased sponsorship and reduced prices to keep the cost down for all the events, so it's not too expensive for all.


  Overall, the "Meet & Greet" on Friday night will only cost you drinks after the sponsorship money runs out - all costs for function room, food and first hour or so of drinks are covered.

  Saturday morning trip to "Billabong Sanctuary" has been reduced from $40.00 each to $30.00 and they are suppling a ranger for our tour. You can buy lunch or food there if you require it.

  Saturday Night Official Dinner will pay as you go or pay for your own drinks and dinner.

  Sunday Boat Trip on the Coral Sea and in an around Magnetic Island will cost $40.00 each and that includes all food, drinks (soft and alcoholic), fishing, etc...


  In total, I will need money deposited into my Bank account to cover $70.00 per person, if you intend on attending all the events that I have organised. My Bank is the NAB, BSB Number is 082-902 and the Account Number is 13-345-6175. Please use 34Reunion and your surname as payee information so I can track everyone who is coming.


  Rowes Bay Holiday Park have finally approached me about a deposit for all the accommodation I have booked. so if you can also transfer one days accommodation cost into my account, I will transfer this to the Holiday park (if you haven't already done so), as I understand some of you have paid a deposit for your booking, but I still need to know who has paid and who has not. When you have transferred money into my account, please email me and tell me what it's for and I will keep a register. The accommodation costs required as a deposit are:


  Ensuite Studio - will cost $135.00 for the following couples (that is not each) Chris & Belinda Derry, Phil & Sue Jackson, Jim & Cath McCullagh, Terry & Chi Chi Shorrock (don't forget that if you're staying for a week you only pay for 6 nights - one night free)

  Ensuite Cabin - will cost $140.00 for the following couples - Snapper & Kerry Snape and Raymon & Sharon Cooper (also one night free if staying for a week)  

  Large Van Site - will cost $52.00 for the following people - Phil & Willy Stewart, Swampy Marsh, Peter & Judy Burnett (PJ Williams has already paid)

  The five singles who are sharing a two bedroom deluxe Villa will pay $50.00 each as their deposit - Mal Dann, Trevor Gibson, Greg Reynolds, Phantom Walker, Rick Stanford.


  Please let me know what you have paid for and any changes to dates or times. I still have 5 x Large Powered Van Sites and a two bedroom Deluxe Villa (sleeps 6-7 people) available for any late attendees.

  All other attendees, who are not staying at the Rowes Bay Holiday Park or are staying at different resorts only need to pay the $70.00 per head for the events and tours.


  Send me a email and keep in touch. See you all in Townsville in June 2019.




Steve Cottam
0412 889 990