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The reunion is being organized by Steve Cottam who can be contacted via his Facebook Page
The 48th year reunion is to be held In Townsville NQ on a weekend to be advised by the end of September, we have had to change the date due to the Townsville show and school holidays in June my apologies guys I stuffed up
The headquarters of the Reunion will be
 Rowes Bay Accommodation park
 this is their website for bookings
Steve has asked me to post this on our Facebook page and group and on the website.. Which I am now doing.. I was unable to convince him that grey nomads all travel in caravans and do not book cabins so the date remains during the School holidays and Townsville show weekend which is going to be a nightmare for all.. As I originally stuffed up the dates for which I apologise profusely, I have decided I will not take one of the limited accommodations on offer and as such will not be able to attend the reunion..  

  Firstly, could you please post this on our 34th Web Site and our Facebook page so all will know what's going on with our 48th Reunion at Townsville on the weekend of 28th - 30th June 2019. These remain the planned dates.


  There has been a lot of discussion about the dates which I have stated, in my "War & Peace" article on Facebook, were not my choice. This was a misunderstanding between some caring blokes who were trying to help. I never wanted our reunion to clash with school holidays, Townsville Show and long weekend activities up here in North Queensland, as this time thousands of "Grey Nomads" and others visit this area for our beautiful weather, which runs from mid May until mid November (26 - 29 degrees max and between 16 - 20 degrees min every day with NO rain) and the following weekend is the Townsville 600 Supercar Race etc.... I had been to Rowes Bay Holiday and Caravan Park many times before this date issue which I've heard is dividing a few of us, but as explained earlier because of the yearly bookings of holiday hunters from the cooler states, I could not book anything until 10-11 Months in advance to allow the regulars to book for the following year. I then grabbed as many Units, Large and Small Van spots with power as I could, which were 4 x Ensuite Studio Cabins which has one double bed, 2 x Ensuite Cabins which have one double bed and two bunk beds, plus 8 x Caravan Powered Sites. These were all they had left, at that time, but yesterday I managed to grab another 4 x Two Bedroom Deluxe Villas which have one double bed (main room) 3 single beds in the second bedroom and a fold out divan in the lounge area. All units have shower & toilet and a kitchen sink and fridge.


  As Midge asked about moving it to August, I went down to the Holiday Park to look at later dates and availability, but nothing changes as the "Grey Nomads" and holiday makers are also still here enjoying our weather and I could not get any more units (in numbers) then we already have. As the date was promulgated earlier this year some people, who work, have arranged holidays and booked flights (earlier the cheaper) and I am very much against moving the date as it would not be fair to the ones who have committed already. I'm hearing that people don't want it in school holidays (neither did I), but all states have different school holiday dates and as many of us are retired or will be next year, moving the reunion now is unfair when there is still plenty of time for the others not committed to contact me and arrange accommodation. If this pisses off some, I'm sorry, but I am trying to organise a wonderful weekend or week for as many 34th intakers as I can and going on past reunions there are always some who cannot make it for different reasons. I sincerely hope that everyone can get here and I will keep monitoring for cancelations at the park if our numbers exceed the 40 - 45 that our accommodation bookings now sit at.


  Secondly, the cost of units is an approx price as they have not set prices for next winter, but they have told me that if they increase, if any, it would only be around $10. The prices are as follows:


  Ensuite Studio are $95 a night, but if you book a week you only pay for 6 nights (seventh night free)

  Ensuite Cabin are $660 a week and $750 for three people which is $250 per person for the week (sleeps four)

  Large Powered Van site (Slab/Mat) are $51 a night and the seventh night free

  Standard Powered Site (Slab) are $44 or $48 a night with the seventh night free

  2 Bedroom Deluxe Villas are $1200 a week ($200 a night with the seventh night free) but these sleep 6 people with an additional $90 per person up to $1560 per week - $260 per person for a week (seventh night free)


  Thirdly, the following people and their wives have already contacted me and committed to next year's reunion as requested in my Facebook rant. I understand that things might change through medical issues, accidents, etc... but I look forward to seeing everyone up here for the reunion or a few days either side, as some have taken the opportunity to have a holiday around the reunion. I have even arranged attractions for those people over on Magnetic Island, etc...


  Chris & Belinda Derry Wed 26th June - Tues 2nd July 2019 (Ensuite Studio) then a Resort until the following weekend of 05/07 July 2019

  Phil & Sue Jackson (Jacko) Wed 26th June - Tues 2nd July 2019 (Ensuite Studio) then a Resort until the following Monday 8th July 2019

  Terry Shorrock & Wife Wed 26th June - Tues 2nd July 2019 (Ensuite Studio) (Sorry mate, I'm getting old and can't remember your wives name)

  Jim & Cath McCullagh Fri 28th June - Tues 2nd July 2019 (Ensuite Studio)

  John & Julie McCullough Staying in one of my 4 Bedrooms


  Malcolm Marsh (Swampy) Wed 26th June - Tues 2nd July 2019 (Large Powered Van Site)

  Phil & Nerida Williams (PJ) Wed 26th June - Wed 3rd July 2019 (Large Powered Van Site)


  Lee Kenyon & Wife (Sorry mate, I'm getting old and can't remember your wives name) dates not firmed up yet



  As you can see, there is still plenty of accommodation left so get in early and if you want to share a 2 x bedroom unit ring around and arrange your own mob in a unit and let me know.


  Fourthly, I am currently on the Executive Board of Directors of Townsville RSL Club (Treasurer) and I'm arranging our welcome drinks and snacks at the RSL on Friday 28th, with a couple of hundred dollars over the bar. More information to follow on times and transport arrangements for the evening. I'm also requesting the RSL bus for transport to and from Billabong Sanctuary Wildlife Park on Saturday 29th June to feed and witness the jumping crocodiles and other North Queensland Wildlife. As I get committed numbers I can book a place for our Reunion Dinner with drinks. Also, I'm looking at a tour around Magnetic Island with swimming and snorkelling over some reefs with lunch and drinks or a day trip with lunch at the best pub on the island.


  My wife and I would love to invite all 34th intakers arriving earlier then Friday 28th June to our place on the hill for Welcome drinks on our "Balcony Bar", overlooking Townsville CBD, The Strand, Magnetic Island and the Coral Sea on Thursday 27th June at 1700 hours. All food and drinks will be supplied for the few that are here before the mass (Ha Ha). Let me know if you're going to be in Townsville before Friday 28th June 2019 and if you're flying into Townsville Airport please let me know your flight and arrival time so (if possible) I can pick you up and take you to your accommodation.


  A lot more information to follow when I receive confirmed numbers and what you want to do while you're here, apart from a drink or two !!


Steve Cottam

0412 889 990