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This page was last updated: March 27, 2020
To see the events and merchandise available and  to book your place at the reunion please click the button below
Our 34th reunion is going to be held on  Saturday 11th and is being arranged by Phil Jackson who has some contacts in the hospitality industry, he does need numbers though and we would appreciate it if you could email me at [email protected] to let me know if you are attending and also if you will be accompanied.  This is super important as costs will be tied to the number coming more the merrier and cheaper to boot.  Having spoken to several of the guys attending we are going to book for the raise the flag meet and greet on Thursday, the Leeuwin tour on the Friday (most are not going to march) we will be having our 34th reunion on the Saturday recovery Sunday then the big one the ball on the Monday night.  I will also create an attendees list so you can see who is going............
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Midge Mancini
Lee Kenyon
Phil Jackson
Mal Dann
Werner Augsdorfer
Neil Forbes
Gary Brownley
Harry Firth
Shane Fisher + 1
Lyle Clinton
Phil Stewart +1
Peter Burnett +1
Timber Mills +1
Jimmy Mac +1
Ray Cooper +1
Geoff Connolly +1
John McCullough +1
Michael Sanderson-Green +1
Fremantle Van Park is the preferred accommodation for the 34th guys click here to go straight to the website and book I suggest you do it in a hurry as with around 2000 ex JR's expected spots are going to go fast..  Maybe we can arrange share cabins as some of us are already doing
This is the Tingira newsletter explaining in detail all the events and the times and the merchandise available most of us are doing the meet and greet and the ball plus the 34th reunion on the Saturday