HMAS Leeuwin 71
Peter Monck
Mouse Greg Bass and Midge
Peter Monck and Peter Burnett
Doc Watson and Pete Willson
Midge Fox Cunningham and Curly Edwards
The Wreath we layed for the VALE 34thers
Thanks Mal
The Leeuwin Memorial Wall
Mal Lyle Greg Dryden Peter Monck Steve Cottam Phil Midge Doc Watson
 Monkey Swabby Curly Edwards
Steve Cottam
The Memorial
The Memorial Bronze
Mal Popeye Parkes and Monkey
Peter Fennel Jacko and Lidia
Doc Watson Greg Dryden Mal Swabby Frank Millen Mouse Peter Monck Brian McElroy Midge Peter Burnett Fox Monkey Peter Fennell Steve Cottam Curly Edwards Jacko
Midge and Trevor Cangemi
Jacko Fox Mouse and Monkey
Monkey and the McElroys at Swan Yacht Club
50th Golden Reunion 
and Memorial Dedication Ceremony
HMAS Leeuwin 
July 2010
Greg and Mal with Jacko at rear
Midge and Pete Willson in the drill hall
The new flag pole
Lyle John Steve and Doc

Curly and Greg Dryden talking to Fox
Part of the Huge attendance in perfect weather
Greg and Kerry Dryden
The Navy Band
Vice Admiral Russ Crane, AO, CSM, RAN
ex JR 32nd intake July 1970
50th Golden Reunion Gala Dinner
  Burswood Casino
July 2010
Midge and Rob Launder from the 35th 2010
and 1971
The dinner at the Burswood is the biggest they have ever attempted.  BZ Burswood Casino
Monkey Mousie and Jacko Kings Park
Peter and Rhonda Willson
Mal and Nova Dann
congratulations on the birth of  your 1st Grandchild
Alex Peter 20/7/10
The brilliant Navy Band and the humungously embarrassing giant screen on which they ran in a loop the Leeuwin photo DVD.  This shot shows Ray Eldridge Midge Peter Bennett and JW Holbrook working as waiters at one of the passing out dinners in 71
Captain Jacko and Midge
Decky Mal docking
Lunch at the Yacht Club
Perth from Phils boat
Peter and Judy Burnett 
Monkey and Steve Cottam
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50th Golden Reunion HMAS Leeuwin Part 1 meet and greet and Admirals speech
50th Golden Reunion HMAS Leeuwin Part 2 base tour and gala dinner at Burswood Casino
50th Golden Reunion HMAS Leeuwin Part 3 lunch at Willow Ponds tour of HMAS Stirling
50th Golden Reunion HMAS Leeuwin Part 4 Gloucester Park races old Leeuwin video
Phil McKendrick and HMAS Vampire at the Sydney Maritime Museum in 2013