This section is going to be for the stories of what you have been up to since Leeuwin.... Not long drawn out epistles just shortish newsy biogs of your last 39 years on the planet... just write a story and email it to Midge with a then and now pic if you like and shots of your wife/s and kids/grandkids etc house whatever... Pets if you like... Midge
I'll start it off.
I married a wonderful Nowra girl while i was stationed at Albatross.
We have 2 Girls and 2 Boys. Our oldest Daughter has given us two Grandkids
1 girl and 1 boy.
After 10 years in pussers we moved to South Australia and have been at the
same address since 1981.
I had a variety of jobs before working at the Bridgestone tyre factory for
nine years.
I currently work for a private transport company called Torrens Transit.
They run 72% of the buses in Adelaide.
I train people to drive the buses ( can be very interesting at times).
I am also responsible for training Bus Operators on the Adelaide O-Bahn.
For anyone that dosn't know about the O-Bahn, it's a 12 kilometer track
that once the Operator gets the bus onto the track they let the steering
wheel go and drive at speeds between 80 and 100 kmph.
Thats about it so far. My wife (Rhonda) and i really enjoyed the last
reunion and were looking forward to the one in WA.
See you in WA
Peter Willson

Peter Willson                                                Marks 3                                                           South Australia
Well, I got out of Leeuwin and went straight up top, with a bunch of the guys from the intake.  I was on Melbourne at the time.  Had a ball but we wont go into that will we guys... Please... Only got to ABRO but was fortunate to serve on everything from Patrol Boats to the Melbourne and the Ferrari of the seas the Hobart.  Got out after 7 yrs way too early looking back on things.  I worked for a meat processor and exporter ending up in export sales after 18 mths.  From there I worked for UBD street directories as assistant manager for 7 yrs.  I was asked to run a company that did the interiors of a lot of the pavillions at EXPO 88 that was an eye opening experience I managed that company for 7 yrs (I think im starting to see a pattern here).  After surviving that I had 12 years of semi retirement doing building consultancy for about 15 hrs a week.  Along the way I had two wives one for 6yrs and one for 12yrs both still great mates with me and my soulmate Sue whom I have known since 1974.  I have two boys one from each, Peter turned 25 on 6/12/06 and Willy T who is a 14 yrs old fishing fanatic I also have one grandson Connor who is 5yrs old.      Just on 9 years ago Sue and I bought the MV Last Resort an ocean going home cruiser and have lived in absolute bliss in the rivers, waterways and marinas around the Gold Coast.  Eventually made it to Captain I guess. Probably should have quit there you are thinking but no that wouldn't be Midge..  I took on a mature age apprenticeship to become a Chef in August 2005 and have powered through it, I qualified in August 07.  I love cooking and am finally doing something I really wanted to my whole life so things couldn't be better.

PS Sue and I are exotic parrot fanatics, Macaws, Conures etc if anyone else has an interest let me know..

Pj "Midge" Mancini                                        Morrow 1                                                         Gold Coast QLD
Micky Mancini
Madeline McCullagh aged 9 one of Jimmys Netball Team
Dennis O'Shannessy                                        Morrow 2                                                     New South Wales

Joined from Gilgandra NSW

Life after J.R. School.

 First posting as OD on Melbourne 1st trip up top . Had a good night with Sprucie and Spider Webb in Honkers something about a young lass and her mum.
Headed for that shithole of a depot Cereberus for my stokers course.
Joined the good ship Sydney and up top again heheheheheheeh.
When Sydney paid off, joined Derwent was on her for nearly 5 years plenty of trips up top.

Did a stint at Navy Office with D.F.M Staff
 Joined Hobart didn’t do much on it (wasn’t a type 12). One good thing was Tommy Maunder was onboard.  Showed me the ropes etc. no up top trips here only NZ. Anyway got in the shit drank too much piss , had the shits with pussers, found a BR looked up dockie coppers filled in a green chit and bloody worst luck they accepted me, don’t know why, I was on chooks at the time.!!!!
Joined the vegies in Jan’ 81 bloody well hated it but made the best of it and paid off on the 16th Jan ’91.  Had to pay back 10 days for holiday I took back in the 70’s. Paid off a chief.

Life after Pussers.

Was hard at first but when I got into it I found it ok.  Having said that, I still can’t stand tardiness/skulking etc etc but I am sure I’m not Robinson Caruso there. Get this one I still wash me u-durps in the shower with me much to both Mrs’s disgust but that’s it..

Anyway, been married twice and have 3 great kids Tanya , Shawn and Daniel and Tan has given me a great grandson Matty.
Was self employed for awhile and found big tobacco (BATA) and have been there for nearly 12 years as a technical operator / trainer.

At the moment I am trying to breed the master race bird with which I intend to make my fortune by winning the big one in South Africa.  I’d probably cark it if it happens. I am still partial to an ale on a hot day and still smoking me head off.

Cheers Shaggs  

This is my story 

        I  joined pussers from seven hills in NSW.
Finished Leeuwin and joined Stalwart just like a lot of you guys.
Did a trip up top before joining Cerberus for beagles course, that was fun.
The ships I served on were  Parramatta, Vendetta, Supply and Darwin.

The depots I served in were  Creswell, Kuttabul, Nirimba, Penguin and Waterhen.
I retired in 1991, yeah, I did my twenty years.

I married in 1974 and I am coming up to 32 years on the 15th December.
We have two sons Carl 28  who is living in Canada working at a ski resort in British Columbia
as a Chef.  Phillip, 26 ,  is a sales rep for a food distribution co.
No grandkids yet they are having too much fun to get married, may be one day.
When I retired from pussers I took on a job as a lawn contractor and landscaper, my wife Karen is a horticulturist, and is the brains behind the business.  We have been in business for 15 years.
We have 4 cats, just pets and I keep bees for a hobby.
If you would like to see where I live, go to
We also hold weddings and do wedding photography in our garden.
Hope to see as many of you as possible in WA.

Lyle Clinton                        Morrow 2                      New South Wales
Lyle and Karen 
Carl and Phillip
Check out the tropical wonderland that Lyle and
       his wife have made
      just click the link
Mal Dann                                                     Morrow 1                                                  Waikiki W.A.

Had a ball in the Navy. Served on Melbourne (CV), Vendetta, Anzac, Parramatta, Stuart, Derwent, Torrens, Brisbane, Hobart, as well as Moreton, Fleet Training Group, Stirling and Cerberus. Completed 24 years and got out when they tried to send me East. I did not want to leave paradise to go to a rat race.
 On getting out I became a Safety Advisor and have worked for the same company for nearly thirteen years. In that time I progressed to Senior Consultant, Manager and Director. The company floated on the Stock Exchange and acquired five other companies. We have now been acquired by Coffey International and are part of sixteen companies and 2,500 employees. I am one of eleven principals that run the management group and divisions throughout the world. My job consists of travelling the country and world conducting safety and compliance audits for mine sites, oilrigs and vessels. I have visited China, Egypt, Norway, Germany, Italy, Dubai, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Hong Kong, Philippines and many other exciting places. My next contract is to audit every Australian Embassy throughout the world.

I got married in 1982 to my wife Nova who is still putting up with me and we have two kids, Belinda (23) and Leigh (21). Both joined the Navy on 6th January 2003 exactly 32 years after we did. They are enjoying it and have both been to the Gulf and other places.

As well as my job I am also the Commanding Officer of TS ANZAC, an Australian Navy Cadet Unit in Rockingham where we go sailing, adventure training and other community activities.

I still enjoy diving, sailing, fishing, cray fishing, body boarding and having fun with my kids and cadets.

Leigh and Belinda Dann
Mal and Nova's other 3 kids Kiara (Left) Echo (Centre) & Narla (Right)

Mal and Russ (CN)
I dragged my 12 yo Willy to work the other day, he didnt want to go.  I knew the State of  Origin guys and the former origin greats as well as some of the Titans were there... What a buzz for the kid he had the lot to himself, they were absolutely wonderful to him and chatted and signed away to his hearts content...Midge
Petro Civonecieva
Darren Lockyer
Stephen Price
Karmichael Hunt
Shaun Berrigan
Reese Wesser
Johnathan Thurston
PS The muddies are out after the rain....
Jim and his girls (some of them)
Joined Leeuwin from Auburn, NSW.
Finished Leeuwin and did the obligatory ODs trip up top on Stalwart with the
likes of Mouse Clinton, Lee Kenyon, Jim Mason and Owen Murrell. Then
followed the Stokers course in Cerberus with Bernie Jensen before postings
to Moresby, Snipe and Ibis till 1974, when I transferred to Subs. Here I
served on Oxley and Ovens with alot of other ex 34thers like Terry Shorrock,
Sandy Sanderson, Popeye Parks, Arthur McKean, John Jankowski and Greg Bass
to name a few. The highlight of those days in boats (subs to you surface
skimmers) was the trips to Portsmouth in the UK to do the training. It was
during one of those trips that the poms certified me medically unsuitable
for escape training.
So in 1978 I was posted back to targets (surface ships to you skimmers), and
to the then "Australian Trader" soon to be JB. Served on her till 83 working
in the same Engine room and going from AB to PO.
1984 saw me do the Mechs course at Nirimba with Keith Roll, it was during
the two years mechs course that I discovered athletics and represented
pussers in Interservice for 3 sports, won two Gate to Gates, Fleet and
Captains Cross Countries & Navy v Police Championships.
Pussers decided that two years ashore was way too long and then followed
stints to Stalwart and then commissioning crew of Nuship Success. A three
month jolly to Europe followed training with the French Navy, then trials,
work ups and commissioning.
Another shore posting to Nirimba where I meet my current wife, who was a
civvy working as the Training Commanders secretary. Then followed my buttons
and a posting back to Success as the "Chief Tiffy", where I served with
Geoff Connelly as "Chief Greenie", and did the odd trip up top and Gulf War
before coming home and paying off in Jan 91 after my 20.
There followed a well paid job as the Mechanical Services Manager at the
biggest and worst hospital in Australia. It took me two years to figure out
that most civvies were lazy, untrustworthy bastards(give me a matelot any
So Cath and I opted for a sea change and moved back to Nambucca Hds in 1994.
The down side is working for bugger all money and going back to the tools,
the upside being the quality of life.
Cath and I have five girls, (yes it is true that I sit down to piss like the
rest of the family), and are expecting our first grandchild in April 2007.
We live in a little secluded bush setting, spitting distance from the beach
and river. And I couldn't be happier !!!
The kids and I are all mad surf clubbies and still compete in surf and swim
carnivals, cross countries, triathalons, netball etc etc etc (yes I have
been know to pull on a netball skirt form time to time).
For the past 12 years I have managed truck repair workshops for dealerships,
built coaches and for the past 6 years, myself and a mate have an Automotive
Repair business doing truck repairs, diesels, exhausts, brakes anything to
keep the till ticking over.
And that is the past 35 years in a nut shell.

Jim McCullagh                                            Morrow 3                                                        New South Wales
Hi Guy’s here it is!
1972 – Left Leeuwin, drafted to HMAS Stalwart. Boring..!
1972 – HMAS Cerebus, stokers course. Mildly interesting!
1972-73 – HMAS Sydney, Good times
1973 – Volunteered for submarines (mad), HMS Dolphin, 3 months in the UK.
1974 – HMS Odin, good piss boat 
1974-1977 – HMAS Otway, good piss boat
1977 – HMAS Oxley, good piss boat
1977-79 – HMAS Onslow, slowing down, got promoted (oh , also had a kid – Jon, now an engineer)
1979 – Got married, best decision of my life (unfortunately, we are still married!) – left the Navy – moved north (Gove) Working in alumina industry.
1979 – Second son (Peter, following his ol’man’s footsteps – joined the Navy on patrol boats as a stoker)
1980 – First daughter (Jennie, mother of a beautiful boy)
1981 – Discovered people more interesting than submariners, infantry men! Joined the army reserve – Norforce, rank private – good piss up!
1989 – Promoted to supervisor at work. (Still there!), also promoted to Squadron Sargeant Major (hoorah!)
2002 – Promoted to Captain in the army – 2IC of Arnhem Squadron
2006 – Getting senile and sentimental – thinking about old friends
2007 – see you at the piss up!

Jon Jankowski                                              Morrow 2                                                    Northern Territory
The Jankowski Family
1971,Joined pussers from Brisbane with Midge and a few others,obviously did Leeuwin,then to Stalwart,up top with the boys,had a ball and a few "experiences".Did my EMP course at Cerberus then back to Stalwart till Dec 1975,then to Watson,got bored,my old man had a few health issues so I put in for a compassionate discharge and paid off July 1976.Missed my mates for ages but eventually got over it.
Judy and I married June 1975 and as some of you know we were sweethearts while we were at Leeuwin,stayed in touch,Judy moved to Sydney to be with her handsome sailor(WTF)in 1974 where we shared a flat(the Cross where else?) first off with Dave Jones,Keith Rowlands,Gavin Jewell and off and on Jim Mason and Wayne George.We later moved to Bronte,Randwick then Redfern.
Started work for my father in his panel shop straight away from pussers(found civvies to be really different)spent six years on the floor learning the ropes before Dad retired in 1982, he loaned us enough money to cover our first month's overheads(CRIKEY!!)and away we went,closed that down in 2001 due to frustration with insurance companies.Bought the boatyard next to the panel shop in 1993,Coorparoo Marine, a Mercury dealership, had good and bad times trying to run two businesses,many stories there but I type too slow to recount them.Went OS quite a few times due to reaching targets with Mercury,inc.States twice,China,Vietnam.Two months after closing down the panel shop we started another marine business at a marina in Brisbane(two bloody businesses again!!),sold the dealership in 2004 and took seven months off(don't know where it went or what I did),went back to work full time(at the marina) in March 2005 where I still am and looking forward to retirement as soon as it is viable.
Judy and I have two great (kids?),Renee',25,a beauty therapist but still studying for other opportunities and Paul,22,a marine mechanic(finished his time last June)who works with me.Both still live at home,maybe one day they will marry and move on but it's not so bad as we have reliable house sitters.
Since I got out I still rode motorbikes for a few years but gave them away when our daughter was born,too many close calls.Lately I have been itching to get back on but I still remember how much it hurt when you hit the road!!I've been into scuba diving,spearfishing,fishing of all sorts,boating.For the last six years I have been fortunate to have my own game fishing boat,a 35' Bertram which keeps me at work so I can pay the fuel bills,and gets me out of the house.The house is on ten acres south of Brisbane where we have been since 1991,I think,we built the shed first,lived in there for two and a half years while we owner built the house with help from subbies and friends/family.We survive on tank water and dam water which is now a blessing because everyone else is on restrictions and we have plenty.Parents still alive and in pretty good shape,our health is good with the usual problems most of us face in our fifties.
I have really enjoyed catching up with many of you,especially the 2005 reunion and am looking forward to the Gold Coast and Perth ones.See you there!Cheers,Lee.

Mate could you please ad a PS for me on my story.
PS.I would like to thank(I think!!)Jimmy for dragging me out of Leeuwin one weekend to meet his girlfriend's friend, who turned out to be my future wife.Cheers mate!
Lee Kenyon                                                   Morrow 2                                                     Brisbane Qld
Renee and Paul Kenyon
Ashleigh and Josh
Rhonda and me
Our kids Stuart Karyn-Ann, Richard and Hayley
The family with in-laws Megan and Mark
Jack Lindley                                                       Marks 2                                                                          Vic
Hi all, well here's the Jack Lindley story for those that know me or care.

 Left Leeuwin drafted to the Anzac, didn't go any where but was a great time anyway. Nothing like sleeping in hammocks during roughers.

From there had stints on Melbourne, Brisbane, Yarra, JB (short time) and was the last sailor to draft off the Stalwart before the Greeks sailed it away.

A number of land posting but not memorable so not worth mentioning.
Got married and divorced and have two great kids and one bitch of an ex

Finally paid off in Jan 92 as stores Chief.
Since pussers, hooked up with a lovely lady and we are still together today, good knows how but like many of your think civvies are a lazy bunch of half wits, so first couple of jobs didn't go so well.

Did 12 months at the Gold Coast casino as security but started to go brain dead so I went back to my stores bashers days and got a job in a warehouse distributing stock nationally. That lasted for 3 years until I got this gig.
Currently work for a mob called Paperlinx where I'm the national Logistics manager and have been for 7 years and luv it.
Still trying to figure civvies out but upper management like the pussers touch I implement from time to time.
After starting with this mob in Brisbane I've been transferred to Sydney and now Melbourne, the second wife is not thrilled with all the packing and unpacking, but I keep telling her "that's her job"
I have now 4 grandkids with 1 more on the way in April 2007.
Did have some health issues where I had bowel cancer, which they had to cut out, but the good news is I have been clean for 3 years and loving life.

Shaggs and I have caught up a few times and devoured several ales but no matter how pissed we get he still wants to follow south's - dumb shit.
If anyone remembers me and are in the Melbourne area please call and lets have a beer or two. 0422 008 009
Well that's about it short but sweet.

Keith Lindley
Logistics Manager - NSW/VIC/QLD
Paperlinx Office
Ph 03 9487 8937 - VIC
Mob 0422 008 009

Pigeon release truck...
Geoff (Bob) Mallon                                                     Marks 2                                      West Australia
Hi Guys
Unlike you lot, the years have been good to me and I am aging gracefully, been told recently that I may have some grey starting to show, some people are so picky.
Anyway, blah blah blah. Paid off in 1991 as Chief Scab Lifter (not a very good one – but they still gave me a pension)
Been married 3 times – current status – divorced. 
Next goal: To find a woman I really hate and buy her a house.
Two kids to the second wife (forget her name but she was nice) Shane 27, married, 1st child on the way – Joanne 24, single, stunning and NOT available to any of you or your off-spring.

Own my own business in Rockingham WA – Trying desperately to turn a $500K concern into $100K – so far I’m on track.
Life’s Ambition: To be in the same bar when either Jack Lindley OR Shaggs O’Shannessy buy a drink – yeah I know, I can dream can’t I ?

Like most of us, I’m getting sentimental in my golden years – I remember Leeuwin and you guys with a tear in my eye and a pain in my arse. Still see Jim Hardie he is well and a grand father 39 times over – bloody Scots – all they do is root, eat and root.

Can be contacted on 0412 170 140 or at [email protected] should you feel the urge, and if you do feel the urge you really do need to review your life.

Cheers troops may you all be in heaven a half an hour before the devil knows you’re dead.

Geoff (Bob) Mallon

PS: Cheers Midge you’re doing a great job. 

Thought you might like to see what i do on weekends,this is a swarm of bees that made there nest in  a possum box.  I had to retrieve the box from a tree then remove all the honey and bees and put them in a proper hive.  There was about 20kg of honey inside the box and about 10,000 bees give or take a thousand.

David Jones                                                     Morrow 3                                                SE Qld
I joined Leeuwin from Albany, WA and survived the year ok - looking at my own sons at age 15/16 I cannot remember being that young........but we were.  Drafted to Diamantina for Ords time and had a ball, then down to Cerberus for MED Course - bloody cold joint that.  Then went to Waterhen on attachment and lived at "johnnies" while waiting a ship. Drafted to Stalwart and lived in the cross flat with Lee Kenyon, Gavin Jewell, Keith Rowlands and others.....good times.  Volunteered for subs
late '73 and went to England for training '74.  Back to Plats and onto Oxley for a short stint, then Otway with Jan and Stan, then Onslow with Jan and Stan again.  Decided to get out and get married Jan '79.
Moved up to Qld and quickly realised that my stokers training was worthless and after eight years decided to join the "blue orchids" and buy my old time back.  Went through rookies again (easy as pie) and a full mechanics trade.  Had postings to Amberley, 114MCRU (mobile radar unit), Darwin and Tindal (Katherine).  Finally discharged Jun 2005 as a Sergeant - running the workshop.  First marriage bit the dust some years ago but ended up with four great boys - Brad 27, Chris 22, Matthew 18 &
Cameron 17 whom i get to see fairly often now.
Kelly (daughter of Army WOFF and sister of ex-JR Greg Crompton - after us) and i have been together for going on eight years and decided after I discharged to move from Katherine down to Moore Park (very small quiet beach holiday place) 20kms north of Bundaberg Qld.  We are currently building on 5 acres and both work in Bundaberg.  Kelly works for an accountant and I am working for an airconditioning company.
We have two fur-kids - Bella and Gilbert (jack russell and foxy) love going down the beach and just living the quiet life.  I still support the mighty rabbitohs - Kelly is mad broncos - always interesting
watching our games.  Love the V8's - Ford supporter of course.  Ambition these days is to be able to put the working boots up in about five years - or win lotto.  That's all folks - i am loving the web site and look forward to catching up with you all one day.

Bella and Gilbert Jones
Spike and Kelly 
Spike the Ford fan
Lee and Judy
HMAS Leeuwin 71

Dave Fernie                      Morrow 2                                         Western Australia

After Leeuwin six of us ( all West Aussies ) joined HMAS Moresby ( when she had guns ) Dave Dilley, Chook Brownley, Mal Burnside, Kev Burke and Curly Edwards. We had a six month survey off SA. Adelaide/Port Lincoln and Thevenard  What a place. The locals told us that the only place to drink was the Chook Pen. Thinking it’s a posh hotel – no it’s a chicken shed with a keg and a hundred locals. Try to drink at 16 when all of ship’s company is there.

After the exotic ports of SA it was off to yet another jewel - Cerberus for 12 months for the ETP’s course. In July 73, on completion of course, I was drafted to the Mighty Vampire. That lasted for six months before my request came through to join boats. Joined HMS Dolphin in January 74 in the middle of winter with only summer clothes. I was the only DINK ( as the brits call us ) in a class of 14. I was supposed to finish in early March but while going through the Tank a young Brit trainee in the class in front died of the bends and tank training was postponed for a month. I think that in March  a large class of Aussie’s turned up ( Chook and Terry Shorrock were amongst them ) That made life a bit easier – gave the parade nazi’s someone else to pick on.

On returning to Sydney I joined Onslow in May 74 and finally got my first trip up top. During this trip a couple of things happened which I’ve found since have been erased from reports. After 35 days at sea and 4 days in Thailand we were again at sea just off Singapore. Some games with the Brits, Kiwi’s and Yanks we were at periscope depth, the exercise was finished, all surface ship’s were at anchor except HMS Leopard. She was on the outer boundary and trying to get back in time for the wash-up, when the skipper decided he’d take a short cut across the boundary line and smack into us. The propeller noise from behind was the first indication that the OOW on the periscope was facing the wrong direction – looking at the ship’s at anchor. We dived in emergency and got hit on the way down. The boat started to flood in the control room so we emergency surfaced and once everything was checked headed into Singapore. We found that in all  that ocean our periscope had been hit by Leopard’s speed log. Two poles 50mm in dia.

After fixing that we went to the Phillipines for rest and recreation. Hong Kong was taken off the program because of the repairs and we were heading past Sth Vietnam when the OOW spotted a red flare from one of the small islands. Remember the year 1974. We sent two swimmers off to go ashore and investigate the problem. One very frightened cook returned to tell us that “  A whole army had greeted them on the beach and were now holding Bruta  as hostage until they could verify who we were. 12 hours later he returned and we set sail. Apparently the last bit of fighting between Nth & Sth was happening on those remote islands and we had stumbled into it. A few more trips up top and dozens to New Zealand and I was ready to settle down.


I married Annette in September 1978 and we lived in a small flat in Waverton, Nth Sydney for just over 2 years. I made the break from pussers in 81 – ready to make my mark only to be told that the training I’d done wasn’t recognized in WA. I worked in Royal Perth Hospital for 6 months in food prep before joining up as a full time reservist at HMAS Stirling. First born was a son ( David ) in March 82 followed by two daughters Alicia in 1984 and Rachelle in 1987. In 1983 the RAN said that they wouldn’t renew the Reservist enlistment term. I made enquiries and discovered that the reserve time would count towards pension, if I rejoined and paid back the DFRDB contributions I’d taken. Did this and got a quick draft to HMAS Nirimba for a Phase 2 course because Ratstruct was out and Sailstruct was in and there was no such thing as a LSETP1. On completion I joined Stuart in Perth and headed straight back to Sydney until Christmas of 85. I was part of the crew who later sailed Stuart to Sydney to be paid off and swapped her for Derwent. I did a phase 3 course in 87 and made PO in 88. Drafted to CPSO in Rockingham and paid off there in Jan 92.


 After that I took the family on a trip around the world – el-cheapy – Singapore for a week – UK for six weeks – LA ( Disneyland ) for 10 days and 7 days of rest in Hawaii.

Got my first break with a call from Jack Warner and Bill Eastwell ( Boats ETP’s ) asking if I was looking for work. Started working for Transfield Electrical as project supervisor on Bunbury. We then got the job of removing the batteries out of Oxley before she was cut up for scrap. I then moved into new builds with patrol boats for Hong Kong police force, Pacific Patrol boats for island nations and 2 attack boats for Kuwait. After that I managed refits for Transfield Electrical on Orion, Swan and Torrens. During a bit of hands on work ( no-one else available – rostered day off ) on board HMAS Adelaide at precisely 1255 30/11/94 ( Watch Stopped ) Sailor B removed the danger tags and switched power onto the fan starter I had my hand in. After pulling myself out of the box I ended up in hospital for 3 weeks and then again for a further 4 weeks getting reconstructive surgery to my left hand.

This event put me into the office for a number of years and gave me a great fear of all things electrical. I left T. E. and joined Australian Submarine Corp as a storeman for two years while I got over my fears. In July 95 I lost my dad to Cancer and took mum back to UK where she spent 6 months with her family. Six years later I went to court Transfield was awarded 60% blame for not providing a safe working environment. I was given 15% of the blame for not being vigilant towards my own safety and the Navy accepted 25% because                 that’s all that was left. The payout wasn’t great but it paid the mortgage. In 97 I joined an electrical company, AustIndo, who again were involved in defence work. I managed refits on Anzac ( the new one ), Canberra and Darwin before the HMAS Westralia incident. AustIndo won the job of refitting all the cabling etc. I left AustIndo in 2000 when I was approached by POD O’Donohue ( ex Submariner ) to again join ASC looking after the boats batteries. Because nowadays the sailors do no maintenance unless its dailies or breakdown at sea. I’ve been working with them now for nearly 7 years. During this time my mum has passed away with Emphysema, Annette’s younger brother was killed when a truck hit the work vehicle on Great Eastern Hwy 4 years ago and her mum passed away of liver disease 2 years ago. 

On a brighter note No1 daughter has married and produced one grandson ( Now 3 ) with a granddaughter due in July and No 1 son has joined the RAN and is at Cerberus doing a changeover course for submarines. He’s due back this month and starts his sub course in April. Daughter No2 has a good job with a medical firm and should be able to move out soon. Then it’s back to being on our own – with all the benefits – I hope.


Dave F

Chris Leonard                                                                     Morrow 1                                                        Western Australia
Posted to Moresby on leaving Leeuwin
Involved in a car accidentt on leave, and after spending a bit of time in two hospitals, back to Leeuwin Sickbay.( no ORD'S time)
Did couple months in Leeuwin Ships Company as an ORD before i could convince them to send me East for my Stokers Course, did my course and once again had to do some swift talking to get away from Cerberus( i was still medical cat- unfit for sea).
Drafted to Lonsdale, standby crew for Vendetta,re-commisioned her about May 73 (i think). On Vendetta until Aug 75  then back ashore posted to Harman... March 76 i was still trying to "thaw out"in Canberra,so decided to make a few phone calls and get myself back to sea.
Brisbane was the only one available----DARINGS to DDG's---- what a culture shock,anyway, did the 77 Queens Silver Jubilee and what a great 7 month trip away it was(for the whole year, it was longer away as we'd done RIMPAC prior to sailing for England) We steamed 36,515 miles for the Jubilee trip and so it was back to Sydney for a "Grease and Oil", refit time, during the refit i did a short fill job on Kimbla and sailed up to Darwin to do a quick survey on what was left of her harbour after Cyclone Tracey.
Back to refit until July 78 , then on to Kuttabul --with Uncle Tim Collins----,what a wonderful bloke he was---- as long as you stayed away. Fleet Maintence and the Lagging Party it was until Sept 80 and it was back to the Brisbane again. We left in March 81 and  did the NWIO trip until August 81, and once again, it was a trip to remember, or forget, whichever way you looked at it-- we'd been given all these imaginary missile capabilities for an excercise by the Yanks and told we had to sneak up on the Battle Fleet and see how many we could sink. A couple of days on 4 boilers, flying Yank colours by day, running "quiet" and the help of three Pommie ships used as cover, we decimated nearly the entire Battle Group--- and as a reward--- early warning ship hundreds of miles from the fleet , weeks without mail or stores.All fun. 
September 82 found me posted to Stirling, and the early days there was a lot of fun, and a hell of a lot of PISS, so everybody just drank, fishing, parties and at times, some work, did a lot of duties behind the bar and was J/S Mess President when my posting to Nirimba came in Jan 86. For the non - techo's out there, by that time Ratstruc stokers was a thing of the past, so to try and get anywhere , and a break from the West, i went and did a Sailstruc Phase 2 course for my "second hook"----another 9 months on the piss, my duties there consisted of driving up to Toukley(surf life saving club) with a partly full bus load of Apprentices,fully Victualed for about twice as many,read them the riot act when we got there,spent the weekend on the piss by the beach, made sure they all got back to be on the bus Sunday arvo, then drove back--- duty over.(f--- it was hard)
Back to Stirling in Oct 86, then onto Moresby in Dec 86. March 87 found me promoted to the dizzy heights of POMTP3* (still a dinosaur) many a good trip on her though, mostly up and around Northern Aussie, 2nd grand prix in Adelaide, RAN bi-centenary in Sydney and a run in Singa's . Watchkept most of the time until i got my Diesel Engine Room Ticket and then went Regulating (around that time Stretch Stewart was CPOCOX onboard ) Great draft as a Senior Sailor.
Coonawarra was next in 90, Darwin OFI working with Jim Keddie (ex POMTP) was a great job and an even better place LovedDarwin.                                         
92 saw me getting a bit restless again, so i wangled my way back on Moresby to  pay off at sea, and try and get my "buttons". Well they'd put this "slope head" Engineer onboard and he was hell bent on getting rid of both me and the Charge( we're both Ratstruc)So , July 93 , 3 weeks away from my Chiefs Board, i had 2 choices - Discharge  OR  courtmartial / Discharge , i chose the former.
22 years later, 2 mariages, i went and spent the next year as a squatter up the coast at a place called Wedge Island, lived in a shack by the ocean, generator , ate crayfish, fish and kangaroo, smoked a bit of "mull", drank shitloads of piss. The family thought i'd lost the plot.
Came back to Bunbury and started driving trucks, over the next couple of years, bought myself  two rigs and had a go at being an owner/driver (another big mistake). Sold up in 98 - 99 and went back driving on wages..... Still am, with wife No 3 , a beautiful step daughter and a great little son ( 9 & 8 )
                                                                                      HERE ENDETH THE SERMON

Dave and Annette
Mick Michlik and his kids.. Story to come, looks like the thongs were ready to pay off mate
Phil Jackson with his brand new Grandson born Friday 13th April 2007 and his boat Wye Knot
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Wayne Hosier and family
Rechelle Wayne Diane and Erin Hosier

After Lleewin I went to Nirimba where I finished my ERA trade and got posted to the Yarra. My Navy Career was not very long lived after that as I took a voluntary discharge 12 months later.  
After leaving the Navy I started in Sales where you might say I have been ever since. I Met Diane and Married her on the 24th April 1976, we have been happily married for 31 years now and have 2 beautiful daughters, Rechelle 25 and Erin 21. Rechelle is expecting our first Grandchild in August and unlike some, I can not wait to be a Grandad. 
I have been self employed since 1987 after rising to National Management level with AGC Finance. 
Presently I am the Master Franchisee for Cleantastic in Queensland, we sell commercial cleaning franchises and business is booming with thanks to the number of people who are looking for a great lifestyle with a better income. 
Di and I moved here to Queensland in February of this year from Sydney, where unfortunately our Daughters have chosen to stay, at least for the time being. (we will have to see how good a salesman Dad really is)
In addition to raising children, running businesses, I have also enjoyed many years in community service organisations. I started in Apex where I held many positions in a voluntary capacity, I finished with Apex in 1995 as one was too old after 40 to stay in. I was National President in that year and was also awarded life membership. 
Since then I have been a member of Rotary, have also been honoured with 2 Paul Harris fellowships, for my work in the community, primarily my work with the Salvation Army, where I was Area Chairman for the Door knock appeal for 3 years and Zone chairmen before that.
Di and I have travelled extensively over the years and one might say that travel is our favourite pastime. We have been to Europe twice, UK 3 times, America at least 7 (Las Vegas our favourite place) New Zealand 4 time, Asia many times and quite a few other places. Hopefully we have many more years of travelling left in us yet, of course we also have Queensland to investigate now as well.
Decide what you want, and then act as if it were impossible to fail." -Glenn Oster-

Have a Great Day - Make it a Great Day  

Best Regards


Wayne Hosier                                         Morrow 2                                   Brisbane Queensland
Donella Chris and Jimmy
Brooke and Mitchell and Leo's truck
The Willson Wedding
Waynes new grandson Noah
congratulations Rechelle and Emmanuel
Noah at 2 weeks old
Midge and Sue Scrub up alright for two old chooks
Midge with his two boys Peter &  Willy and Grandson Connor
Mousie and his Bees
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