Hmas Leeuwin circa 71
He looks familiar?
L to R Hunter Mullice Moore Hope Hosier Firth ??? Kirley Middleton Marsh Parkes Merrit
Geoff Dryden Midge Rob Packham Lyle Clinton
Some low life avoiding church..
         John Menzies and Owen Murrell 
John passed away from cancer in 2005 
SCRAN hall and canteen
HMAS Acute docked near the GPV
Looking from Morrow block to the parade ground like you needed telling
Chook Fowler back of Morrow block

any ideas on his whereabouts guys?
originally from Elizabeth in SA i think
Jonesy on the dunny.. the pics are coming out now!!
John Bernie Moose Dave Terry Guy
Terry Jefferson in blues going from Morrow to Topman
Gavin Jewell Lee Kenyon Judy Wayne George Mary Anne and god help us Jonesy... what the heck guys were they having a 3 for sale at Lowes on vests or something....
Tommy Maunder and Jimmy MacCullough
The Terrible Twosome
Lyle Clinton in 82 and 87 Hmas Darwin
Moose Millington and Mick Mullice
L-R Whitey, Nobby Clarke, Gavin Jewell, Rick Stanford,John Cooper, Blue Stokes, Jim McCullagh, Mac McDonald,Mick Patrick

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Albany WA
34th Passing Out Parade
Whaling in Albany WA
34th Passing Out Parade
Swampy on the Duck again
Swampy on the Duck
Ross' Wedding
Fluffy Duck surfing beside Torrens
ABRO Harry Firth up top 74 on the Duck
Thought you might like a copy of this one. It happened in the Timor Sea in 1989.

The Wessex helo had just landed on the deck of Success (the replacement tanker for Supply). When the ship dipped on a large wave and a gust of wind hit her and flipped onto her side.

Needless to say shit was trumps for the helo party. One of which was a M&M 34ther, being Phantom Walker, who was a kellick air handler.

They say that shit happens in threes. At about 0830 (before the helo crash) I got a  pipe to the Engine Room at the rush, one of the main engines had pumped out all her cooling water and near seized.

At about 0930 we launched one of the 25 foot rigid inflatables into a big sea and the thing rolled about two kilometers from the ship, flinging all the crew into the water, along with a months mail for USS Oldendorf.
And the helo crash happened about 1030 - 1100.   The humour in the whole thing was that the XO (a birdie pilot) had the forenoon  watch on the bridge (his first watch in two years and his first watch on Success), when all this shit happened.

He never kept any more watches on Success, the old man wouldn't let him. Was a big day at the office that day.

Cheers  Jimmy Mac

Probably a memory Phantom would prefer to forget
Does anyone know who the other  guy in this pic... we were working for one of the passing out divisions and I think they are Marks guys... 
P L Bennett
Maggy Maguire John Menzies Chris Leonard John Lewis Steve Paull
 Chris Leonard John Lewis Steve Paull
Maggy Maguire John Lewis Steve Paull Chris Leonard Mark Lubker
 John Menzies Mark Lubker Steve Paull John Lewis Chris Leonard  Maggy Maguire
John Lewis Mark Lubker and two victims
John Lewis Mark PeeWee Fowler Maggy Maguire
Max and the Boys march through Perth
We're just girls who cant't say NO
 RR Eldridge
Get out of my way I've gotta get to Perth on 4/1/08
John Lewis giving another one a flogging
John getting the sporting trophy
Tex Turnwald
Wayne Campbell before Topman and after
Crossing the Equator on the Stalwart
Wayne Campbell Lyle Clinton Gary Chaplin
Midge doing Guard of Honour by drum command with CPOQMG Cangemi
Explaining how I shut the door on the Governors wifes foot and did a Ferdie Osland...
My old Hobart ID card and Jervis Bay missile range pass
HMAS Leeuwin 71
Here is a pressy for you from Pat and the boys at the 32nd where they got a picture of those bloody washing machines is beyond me...
Ray Angel, Neil Batton, Shane Fisher, Steve Hopkins,and Trevor Ernst
Greg Dryden and Ray Angel
JW Holbrook
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Swabby Willson being trained in the new fire fighting gear at Richmond Air Force Base in 75
Lee Kenyon
Guy Hunter
Timber Mills
Popeye Parkes
Wayne H
Jimmy Mac
Denis H
I reckon 2 is Rod Blair waiting confirmation 
Greg D
Jon J
Ross Hollis
Gary Eves
Harry Firth
Rick Haas
N East
JA Gripton
Mick Mullice
Daryl Sutton
Jack Ots
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